Resumé Writing Tips for a Chef’s Job

While writing a resumé seeking a chef’s job, you have to remember that there are many other chefs out there, waiting for that same opportunity to come their way as you are. So, if you have to gain an edge over others, you have to be extra careful and a little different.

Only the content is not enough. The presentation plays an equally important role. If your recruiter doesn’t find your resumé pleasant, both in terms of vision and readability, chances are high that they won’t even read it well. But being a chef, you have one advantage- you would know how to garnish your dish!

Proofread well

You might have a lot of achievements as a chef, but a resumé full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors do not provide a favourable first impression. So read and re-read your writing before sending it out. If needed, ask a friend to proofread it for you. Often, others detect mistakes in a writing more efficiently than the writer himself.

Format according to job requirement

No matter what Frank Zappa says, one size doesn’t fit all. So don’t just mass email your resume to all those hotels and restaurants you are interested in. Go through their individual needs and shape your resume accordingly. A general resume has a big possibility of landing in your employer’s recycle bin. If you want to be chosen, you have to make that extra effort.

Be specific about your objective

Do you think that a line with pompous words and phrases as your objective would satisfy your employers? Not at all! Employers look for specific goals that you want to achieve. They prefer objectives like “A challenging chef position which would help me use my culinary expertise for organizing the menu according to popular tastes” rather than more general statements like “seeking a position that offers professional growth”.

Once you were able to find the job on a restaurant  that you are aiming for, it is important that you have to be presentable both on your employer and customers. Being on a chef uniform creates an impression of professionalism and enthusiastic towards your job.

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