Reasons why you should always Use a Proper Solution Cleaner to Maintain your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide unlimited convenience and flexibility because of which they are much preferred by people having vision problems such as hypermetropia (fat sightedness), myopia (near sightedness), astigmatism or presbyopia. However, having a foreign body inserted into your eyes can also be fraught with danger if you don’t follow certain safety precautions regarding storage and maintenance.

Storing your Contact Lenses

Storing your lenses is as important as cleaning them regularly. Always store the Acuvue Oasys contacts as per the manufacturer’s guidelines in cases specially meant for them. Never keep lenses exposed to air as this will cause dust and germs to settle on the surface.

Do clean the storing cases with fresh cleaning solution and leave to dry before use. Never clean the cases with tap water as tap water contains many impurities and harmful chemicals. Never allow fungus or germs to accumulate inside the case. Change the case after every three months for maximum safety.

Types of Contact Lens Solutions

Different types of contact lens solutions are available these days although not all of them perform the same function. Saline solutions are used for rinsing and storing the lenses and not for cleaning or disinfecting them.

On the other hand, daily cleaning solution is used only for cleaning and not for disinfecting, rinsing or storing the lenses. Multipurpose hydrogen peroxide based solutions are probably the most effective and comprehensive solution suitable for disinfecting, cleaning, rinsing and storing contact lenses. Such solutions are preferred for their superior cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy.