Reason for Sleeping

What are the reasons for sleeping? This is still now an unsolved question. It has been proved though that a body deprived of proper sleep fails to function properly. Scientists are yet to reach to a proper answer; however, certain points can be held up as reasons for sleeping.

A normal body function

Like eating and drinking, sleeping falls under normal body functions. Other than certain physiological activities like breathing and metabolic activities, sleep brings a complete rest to all the body organs, preparing them for later activities. After you wake up, you feel a sense of relaxation and energy because of this rest. Thus one way to answer the mentioned question is to compare sleeping with other daily activities like eating, drinking, breathing and so on. Just s your body will fail to survive without those, it will also fail to survive without a proper sleep.

Theories on Why We Sleep

Restorative theory

Sleep restores what you lose when you stay awake. It helps your body to rejuvenate itself. It has been proved recently that sleep-deprived animals tend to lose their immune functions and are prone to certain diseases that a healthy, well-rested body is not. Loss of immunity ultimately leads to death, thus making sleep a vital function of the body.

Brain plastic theory

Recently, it is discovered that sleep correlates with the structural and functional organisation of the brain. Sleep plays a crucial role in the brain development among infants and growing children. Their bodies being sensitive to any kind of physical stress, sleep deprivation can lead to a permanent damaged brain. Although this theory is yet to be proved, all the biological facts regarding the body point to the affirmation of the theory.

Eat healthy foods, exercise and lessen your worries in order for you to have a good quality sleep!