Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before Hiring Him

You have decided to hire a Melbourne interior designer to help you redesign your home or office. But how could you choose the best one from an ocean of interior designers available on the market?

Well, it is quite simple. You need to have a list of questions to ask them. This will help you differentiate between them and choose the best one according to your needs. There are plenty of questions you can ask them. And these are five of the most important ones.

Do you have a room or hourly rate?

Interior designers usually charge either by the room or by the hour. Room payment is more concrete, as you know exactly how much you will pay at the end of the project. On the other hand, the hourly rate is quite tricky. Some designers charge up to $200 per hour, and the bills could add up very quickly. The total price of the project will depend on extending and purpose of the work, but you should know that the average price of hiring an interior designer ranges somewhere around $3,800.

When do I make the payment?

Before hiring an interior designer, you should sign an agreement, where to schedule the date or dates for the payment. Some interior designers will charge half the price up front and the other half when they complete the project. Others prefer the payment according to a schedule. No matter the situation, make sure you make the payment on time to avoid project delays. C

Can I benefit from designer discount fees?

Usually, interior designers have established relationships with retailers, manufacturers, and other designers. This means that they frequently get discounts when they buy products directly. But be careful. Many designers will add a standard markup rate of 40%. For example, if a sofa costs $1,000 in the store and the designer will buy it for $500, it will cost you $700 after adding the markup rate.

Can you show me a portfolio of similar work with my preferred style and budget?

If you are hiring a designer with the experience he should have a portfolio to show you. Make sure that he has already done similar work with the one that you want and within your budget. Ask for pictures and get as much information as you need to feel comfortable about your choice.

Can you give me a list of references?

What better way to check a designer’s history than through previous customers? Ask for some references and make some quick calls. Talk both to employees and customers. If they refuse to offer you such a list, move on to the next designer. There are plenty of good interior designers to choose from.