Provides Future Retirement Benefits

If you suffer an injury that leads to long term health or physical complications, it can turn into a serious problem financially. By documenting your injuries when they are recent and fresh, it will help provide for adequate financial claims and benefits when it is time for you to retire.

This is especially beneficial if the injury has led to permanent physical damage like muscle or limb problems or bone impairments. The legal departments accordingly calculate the actual compensation due based on the injury and extent of permanent damage.

Adequate medical provision and care

Immediate documentation of injuries can lead to adequate medical provisions and financial compensations should a person require extended bed rest, medical facilities or hospitalization.

If you undergo treatment without first documenting the nature of your injuries and its causes, the company at a later stage may refuse to bear the costs. In theory and as per legal provisions, the employer is supposed to bear the costs of medical expenses should an employee be injured while at the workplace.

However, the employee is responsible for the paperwork and related applications in order to claim so.

More chance of immediate compensation

The unwritten rule is pretty simple when it comes to workplace injuries and compensations. The more you delay documenting the nature of your injury, the more will be the delay in earning compensation.

Proof for future legal disputes

Should the injury you suffer be a cause of workplace negligence, it is the immediate documentation that will help you through the dispute at a later stage. This could probably be one of the most important reasons for lawyers stressing on the importance of immediate documentation.