Proper Home Waste Disposal Method in Helping Our Community Hygiene

It is our civic responsibility to keep our community clean. Just like how we maintain the cleanliness in our home, so it should also be the same when we go out.  As a first step towards this end, start practicing the correct waste disposal methods right in your own home. After all, your family is the best place to start practicing good waste disposal methods that will reduce pollution and make your city a healthier place to reside in. You can use skip bins to properly segregate and dispose your home wastes.

Not all Household Wastes fall in the Same Category

Household waste products vary according to their composition and biodegradability.

Organic Wastes

Organic wastes such as leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels, dead flowers and plants, paper products, clay products etc are not harmful to the environment. When mixed with soil, they degrade naturally and gradually become a part of it. Such organic wastes are increasingly being used as natural manure for landscaping and agricultural purpose.

Disposing Hazardous Wastes

Never throw hazardous wastes along with organic wastes in the same bag. These are two completely different categories of waste and their treatment procedure is also different. In case you mix them up; the hazardous wastes will definitely enter the soil or water at some point and cause irreparable damage to the environment. These can then contaminate sources of drinking water or affect the quality of agricultural products by contaminating the soil.

Moreover; during transportation with regular trash, containers having hazardous chemicals can break easily leading to fire or release of toxic fumes that will affect the health and well-being of your fellow city-dwellers.

To prevent such situations, follow the right procedures for waste disposal of hazardous wastes. Always dispose these in special bags meant for recycling so that your waste collector will follow the proper way of dealing with them as prescribed by the civic authorities.

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