Promotional Video Production – Where can the videos be viewed?

Promotional video production is one of the most effective ways of advertising a product or service as this is a way in which audiences can see for themselves what the company is promoting. These promotions are spiced up with different genres in order to capture the attention of audiences namely drama, action and comedy. These videos, whether if they are in the form of a 60-second commercial or a full length promotional video, this type of media can be shown on different formats. Here are three formats in which these promotional video productions can be viewed.


Television is one of the most popular choices for a promotional video production to be spread about. Usually, the promotional videos that are shown in televisions are commercials which are played during a show’s break or when a show is already finished and fillers are needed in order to prepare for the next show to be put on air. For lengthier promotional videos, these are often featured in talk shows themselves complete with demonstrations or product samples for the audience to enjoy or are given a separate viewing schedule for the video to be fully shown.

Movie theaters

Promotional video production is also present in movie theaters but these are mostly in the form of movie trailers and services that is related with the movie theater or the mall the theater is in. It is very rare to see promotional videos regarding products or services outside of the theatre or mall like soap or apparel. However, some movie theaters cater to showing these forms of advertisements for a fee depending on the theater’s rules with regards to that form of promotion. Nevertheless, this is also one area in which promotional video production can be distributed.  Click here

Video streaming websites

Video streaming websites is the most effective venue for a promotional video production to be released.  After all, nearly everyone in the world can be connected to the World Wide Web. The promotional videos that are uploaded in this type of website can easily get attention as a fair number of streaming websites can now offer their clients a chance in promoting products. While advertisements can be easily inserted and played in videos, clients can upload these videos in their own video streaming website accounts, especially for those videos which take more than the allotted commercial run time to finish.