Prohibited Items in Shipping to Australia

Soil is a universal nutrient and is home to a rich collection of microbial life. Foreign objects which are contaminated with soil may introduce dangerous microorganisms to Australia and cause various diseases. This is why the Australian Government doesn’t allow footwear, camping and hiking equipment which has been contaminated with soil to be shipped inside Australia.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of ordering in plants, flowers, cuttings, gifts containing soil residues and toys made up of mud and straw to Australia.

These thing should be considered when you are planning ship goods abroad.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables

Almost all types of fresh vegetables and fruits are banned from entering Australia from a foreign land. You might see the same vegetable/ fruit being sold in the Australian market but remember that Australia has a very strict hygiene and Quarantine code  and all fresh produce grown here is 100% safe.

All types of egg and dairy products

Dairy products like milk, butter, mayo, cheese and any packaged food containing more than 10% of dairy fat is not allowed. If such items are discovered at the screening process in international mail centers, they will be seized and destroyed.

Any kind of live animal or goods made up of any pat in the animals’ body are also not allowed.

All types of laboratory material

No responsible Australian citizen should try to ship in medical samples, lab equipment or microbe samples from outside Australia. If these materials are needed for research or medical purposes a special permit has to be obtained first from the Quarantine department.