Precautions to Take When Disposing of Mercury Lamps

Domestic lighting plays an important role in your life, true. Be it parties or just for regular use at homes on a daily basis, domestic lighting is important. Some of the lighting includes mercury light lamps which are energy-efficient. They are widely used in schools, homes and parking lots. They are long lasting and inexpensive. They do, eventually, burn out, of course. But if you don’t dispose them of properly, there could be some environmental consequences.


Mercury lamps form an important part of domestic lighting, and they often break and cause problems. So when it happens, the first most important thing to do is ventilate the room and turn off the central heating system in the room. Followed by that, evacuate the room and make sure nobody walks through the broken lamp area. Let the air out for about ten minutes, because if you inhale the mercury vapours, there could be some severe health hazards.

Do not turn on the central heating system until you have got rid of mercury lamps. And if you are removing the burned out mercury lamps from the light fixture, do it carefully. Make sure you wear gloves and don’t bump the lamp and break it.


Scoop up the pieces of lamp or the whole lamp itself using pieces of cardboard or hard paper. Make sure you are wearing gloves while you are doing it. Then put the fragments of the lamp in a glass jar and close the lid tightly. Or put it in a plastic bag with a zipper closure. If there are smaller fragments lying around, use duct tape to pick them up.

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