Popular Push Scooter Tricks

Push scooters are similar to skateboards. The major difference between the two is that, scooters have a handlebar that the rider can use to support himself while riding on it. What follows are some of the tricks that you can do with your push scooter.

Stall and Jay hop

A combination of wheelie and the bunny hop, jay hop can be done when on a medium speed. You have to hold the handlebar and do a wheelie and meanwhile take a jump and stall at the edge of a rail or curb and hang in there for a few seconds and then hop back to the ground and continue pushing. Jay hop and stall looks better with a longer stall. You could practice on a small curb before you do bigger stuff. Your stall depends on the balance you gain on your body.

Tail whip

Doing a tail whip requires some amount of practice and expertise with the other basic tricks. You will have to push the scooter to a good speed and attempt a high bunny hop. When you are in the air and your feet is above the ground level, kick the deck of the scooter using your rear foot. This enables the deck to spin around a 360 degree around the handlebar, while you are still mid air. Once the deck comes back under your feet, slam it with your feet and stop it or continue moving.


Done on a slanting curb or on the handlebars of a descending staircase, grinding requires huge amount of practice and should be done on a non slippery waxed surface. While doing a bunny hop lift you scooter and place it on any surface which you wish to slide from. Make sure that only the bottom of the board hits the surface diagonally and the wheels don’t slip or move away. After sliding down for a few seconds land the scooter on the ground by doing a bunny hop.

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