Polished Concrete Counter Tops – The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

Polished concrete counter tops are all the rage at the moment and the phase doesn’t seem to dying down. There are so many techniques to color and stain the polished concrete; these endless options make the polished concrete counter tops so popular.

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Polished concrete counter tops have so many benefits and positive factors but they do also have some negative factors. You simply need to decide for yourself whether or not the benefits outweigh the negative factors.

Polished concrete counter tops can be absolutely beautiful and most home owners choose to use pigmented or stained concrete tops to obtain an effect that is different yet gorgeous. By using pigment, you can obtain almost any shade that you can think of. By using stains, you can achieve countertops that look like granite or natural stone. Texturing techniques allow you to personalize your tops and create unique and beautiful creations.

There is the option of embedding certain materials into your polished concrete countertops to add some creativity and art to the tops but still maintain the durable and functional countertops you require. A skilled polished concrete worker will easily be able to embed shells, tiles, glass or other materials into the concrete tops.

Concrete is an extremely hard material that does not scratch or wear very quickly or easily and is fairly heat resistant. These qualities make it extremely suitable to be used in the kitchen environment.

There are of course negative factors which may influence your decision against going with polished concrete counter tops. These countertops are extremely expensive and this alone is enough to turn home owners off. The more elaborate the color or design, the more expensive it will cost.

There is a degree of maintenance required with polished concrete countertops and many will not be bothered to take this required step to ensure a quality finish. The tops need to be sealed correctly to discourage staining of the counter. Re-sealing must be undertaken every one to three years. This will obviously depend on how used the kitchen countertops are. The more lush the carpets, the more dirt is collected and the more moisture is retained. The more moisture, the more mold and mildew can be expected.

If you are looking for something that is out of the ordinary and that you can create into something that truly displays your personality then it is really worth researching and considering these fine, high quality polished concrete tops.

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