Personal Injury At Workplace

If you have got cut, puncher or scrape, which are continually bleeding, first thing you have to do is stop bleeding. Cover the wound with a clean cloth, and apply strong pressure on the affected area. Apply an antiseptic or Vaseline on the wound and wrap bandage around it. But should the wound is very big, and there is incessant bleeding from it, neither wash it nor apply ointment on it. Try to reach doctor as fast as possible.


Should you get burn at workplace, dip the area of burn in cool and running water. After that, get a wet towel, and cover the area of burn with that. Fasten loose bandage around the affected area, till you get professional medical help.

You can save the situation from getting worse by not using ice bags on the area of burns, because they might damage the skin of burn. Also don’t apply any antiseptic or ointment on the burned part, they might aggravate the situation by spreading infection.


Sprains are injuries to ligaments, which generally happen due to stretch, and twist. Should you get sprain, keep ice bag on the area of sprain. Get the first aid box of your office, you will find elastic compression bandage in that. Cover the area with that bandage, and take some pain killer to get relief from the pain.

Should you feel unbearable pain, even after applying all first-aids, consult a doctor, because there might be fracture in your ligament, or some other personal injury might be there.

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