Party Decors

The way you set the dinner table can really make or mar the look of your house. Nothing but your best linen and best china will do when you want your home to exude sophistication all around. The linen used should always be clean; fresh and crisply ironed. Tablecloth and napkin should be in muted pastel shades that look so very elegant. Always use linen napkin and not paper ones if you want to extend that stylish feel. Do not use plastic or melamine plates; always take out your precious china and crystal ware without
which no party table can achieve that regal look. Pay attention to how you arrange the cutlery and select the right kind of glassware.

Miscellaneous Tips

Nothing beats simple elegance and you can add a touch of old world charm by using fresh seasonal flowers from your garden instead of expensive and exotic centrepieces. Use fresh fruits; a beautiful curio or a tureen as a centrepiece in case you are tired of floral arrangements. Use muted lights along with the candles and play some soft music. Pay special attention to the washroom as guests would expect equally top-notch facilities in such a sophisticated surrounding. Keep sufficient quantity of guest napkins and provide a soap pump containing mildly perfumed liquid soap.


Decoration matters as much as the location itself. If you are planning the event at a restaurant or any other place, always keep in mind to reserve the place, get the decorations ready on time and take charge. If you are planning the event at home, you can decorate the place as per your preference. You can either buy items from a store or can customize the decoration by doing it yourself. Whatever be the location, keep in mind that it should be directed towards the mom-to-be and should make her happy.