Options When It Comes To Bench Tops

Bench tops are already basics when it comes to kitchen design. Though they are installed for functional purposes, still you can choose a type of bench top that can also perk up your kitchen. Especially that most of the designs today are computer generated, your options are almost unlimited. That is right, unlike before where most homeowners will automatically think of tiles bench top since there are also many options when it comes to designs and colors, now your options are not limited to tiles alone. With the technology we have these days, indeed we are blessed with a number of options in almost every part of our home. So, make sure you will choose wisely. One thing that is not becoming with so many options though is that you will have a hard time choosing only one among all amazing selections. Well, of course you can also use different colors in every bench top if you want but your kitchen might look like a warehouse by then.

Don’t worry as this article will elaborate your options. Just check out below:

High Pressure Laminate – this is by far one of the cheapest options when it comes to bench top materials. Included in this type are prime, wilsonart, laminex and formica. Your color options here though is almost limitless like about 400 shades actually. Most of the time, when you order for this type of benchtop, it already comes with a cabinet thus installation is not applicable.

Engineered Stone – in here you can choose either lquartz, ceasarstone, or quantum quartz. The price of this type of bench top will actually depends on its thickness though this is also almost just the same with the first type. You have a variety of options when it comes to color and is heat and impact resistant.

© carodesignkitchens.com

© carodesignkitchens.com

Natural Granite – In this type, price vary depending on your choice of colors. Just like the engineered stone, it is also impact and heat resistance and with variety of color options. However, you should know though that if you will choose light colors, they might show stains in time if not resealed constantly.

Stainless Steel – you can say that this type is reasonable priced and quite resistant to heat and impact. It also has a variety of options when it comes to its finishes. This is already reflective thus of your kitchen is already with considerable light, then this might be your best option.

Acrylic – your options here are corian, infinity and hi-macs. Compared to granite and engineered stones, this is probably more expensive. Since this does not come with joints, long bench tops are possible. And lastly, this type is quire advantageous being it can be repolished and repaired.

Stone bench top – you can say that this is by far one of the most expensive though it will really show in its looks. Yes, stone bench tops in Perth are really elegant and classy. It is also stain resistant, heat and impact resistant. And most of all, it is easy to maintain.