Make The Most Out of The Monsoons Using Water Tanks

Preparing a DIY water tank is an easy way. Get a five gallon barrel to replace a water tank, cut out the top, and fit it to the gutter extension from your roof or terrace. Ensure a proper fit to avoid leaks. At the end of the barrel, fit a spout. And do remember to fit a strainer that will catch all the debris and leaf litter and stop it from clogging your spout.

Connect the spout to hoses, and you can even cut out holes in the hose so to direct the water. And when the rains are over, you can use the barrel to store normal water and the system will direct the water wherever you want, as and when you want it.

Use water butts around the house

If making your own water tank sounds a bit tedious, then you can just fit every downpipe in your house to a water butt. Water butts are great for storing water and they even have a tap at the base which is easy to use. You can then connect these to hoses, or use the water in buckets and watering cans in your garden and other outdoor uses.

Tips on saving water when outdoors

When gardening, using the pool, or washing your car use these tips to save water:

  • Grow plants with similar water needs together so that it is easier to water them and save on water use.
  • Grow plants that are native to your climate and area.
  • Use a lot of mulch to cover the soil around your plants. This prevents water from escaping through evaporation.
  • Use water tanks to store rainwater, or storm water so that you can re-use this water for gardening and washing vehicles and reduce your water usage.
  • Do not leave the pool uncovered when not in use as this can cause water loss due to evaporation.