Landlord’s Responsibilities During Tenancy

It is the responsibility of a landlord to carry out emergency repairs without delay. Emergency repairs involve any kind of repair in the absence of which the rented premises are unsafe or uninhabitable for the tenant. Delay in carrying out such repairs can also result in damage to the rented property or to individual property of the tenant.

Such urgent situations include clogged or broken lavatory pipes, burst water pipes, broken plumbing, extensively damaged roof, damaged electrical wires, storm damage, fire damage, breakdown of water supply pipes, breakdown of gas pipes etc.

The tenant will be within his/her rights to carry out the repairs by engaging mortgage broker Adelaide and spending up to an amount mentioned in the rental agreement. They will then claim reimbursement for the same from the landlord.

Moving into Your Rental Property

It’s time to search for the right kind of packing materials and plan for the actual relocation process. Start organizing all those things that you will be carrying and segregate all those items that are not indispensible.

Throw away or donate to charities clothes, toys or other old discarded stuff.

This way, you will save a lot on moving expenses and carrying hassles. Once you have decided on what to carry, make arrangements for suitable packing cases. Buy necessary quantities of bubble wrap and boxes for carrying expensive fragile items.

Drain all fuel from lawn mowers and discard all inflammable or hazardous items from the premises. You must do everything to return the property in a satisfactory and safe condition to the landlord. If you are moving with pets, always tie a tag around their collar with your contact information so that they can be returned safely in case they get lost in all the confusion of moving to a new place.