Know the Use of a Digital Asset Management Tool

You need to know the correct use of the digital asset management tool as that it will help your organisation to pick the right product. You need to zero in on the business process or problem you are hoping to solve with DAM system both now and in the future. For doing that, you need to know the kind of assets you are trying to manage and what are their types, formats and sizes along with the role they will play in customer interaction. If there is any confusion regarding the same, you need to talk to the end users of the technology.

Role of integration and vendor support

The success of the tool depends on integration and vendor support, thus you need to consider them while purchasing a digital asset management software. The vendor’s geographic location is very important as it will be expensive if you have to fly technology experts across continents to get your software working. You also need to consider whether you new software should be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise content management systems.

DAM strategy in case of multiple departments

You might find that you don’t need a full- fledged DAM product if the digital assets are residing mainly within a specific department like marketing or project management. In that case, you can deploy an application tailored for that department’s requirement. So, you might decide against creating organisation level software and instead select the software only for managing your marketing assets as in marketing, the version control and content tagging capabilities of DAM software makes files easier to locate than in any other department.