Important Features of Workplace Etiquette in Relation to Team Building

There are several features of workplace etiquette that has a strong positive/ negative effect on the organisational culture and the team performance. If basic etiquette rules and good behaviour patterns are followed in the organisation then as the team manager you can expect teams to have a good degree of cooperation and cohesiveness.

Work place etiquette training will enable employees to comprehend the importance of first impressions/ introductions. Employees should also learn the art of appearing to be interested in other people and of showing consideration to others feelings.

Etiquette training teaches participants to own up and say sorry when there has been a mistake and to receive an apology gracefully when someone else has committed the mistake. If employees know how to communicate effectively and freely team development will be easier to implement good manners, grace and social niceties have their own importance in the organisation.

Barriers to communication and etiquette in the organisation

Filtering is a phenomenon by which information is twisted so much so that it loses out on value. A sender performs manipulation of information so that it will be seen more favourably by the receiver

In Selective Perception a receiver selectively sees and hears based on his/her needs, motivations, experience, background, and other personal characteristics

In Information Overload a condition is created in which information overflow exceeds an individual’s processing capacity

Sometimes Emotions come in the way of displaying good workplace etiquette

There are Language barriers as Different languages are used due to age, education and culture, use of jargons, etc.