Important Factor to Check When Buying Skateboarding Wheels

Like any other outdoor sports, skateboarding is truly an interesting activity. The size of the wheels as well as the shape of it determines the speed of the skater. When buying wheels for it, you need to check the durometer of it.


The hardness of the wheel is also essential. So you must be aware of the durometer ratings.  There are several types of durometer ratings. The skate wheels are generally classified in the “A” field. The measurement that you will see on the wheels will be something like “90A” or “75A”. The higher the rating, the harder will be the wheels. You must keep in mind some suggestions while selecting the hardness of wheels.

If you like to ride vert then you will find that you will have to encounter surfaces which are suitable for the harder variety of wheels.  In that case you are suggested to buy a complete set of wheels which have a higher rating on the durometer scale. 97A or above is most suitable.

If you love to ride street then you will have to concentrate more on the technical aspect of the game.  Hard wheels with ratings of 97A or higher is most suited for this purpose. If you enjoy a ride round the park then this is the right variety for you.

If you refuse to go out without a pair of skating wheels, you might be considered as an all round rider. A medium to hard variety of wheels is most suited for you. You can select wheels whose ratings range from 90A to 97A.

Wheels whose ratings vary from 75A to 85A are ideal for people who love to cruise around in their wheels.  Undulated pavements pose a challenge.  Soft wheels will help you to glide along these paths smoothly.

So you must be careful about the range of durometer you select.

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