Importance of Wearing Protective Gear while Rollerblading

Rollerblading is one of the fun timing and thrilling activities which keeps you physically fit and enthusiastic. This activity involves a high speed, balancing and controlling power of the rider so chances of injury are also high. You have to wear the protective gear while riding on roller blades. So it is better you buy all your protective gear while buying your roller blades.


Helmet is mandatory for rollerblading same as bicycle riding. But the design of the helmet will be different. For roller blades ride you have to wear a helmet lowered down in the back to protect your head and base of skull when you fall backward.

Falling backward and injury on your back head is dangerous which may cause some internal haemorrhage. So it is better to wear helmet every time when you are on your roller blades. Fitting of the helmet is necessary as it may get shifted while falling down. Make sure about tightening your chin belt which has a clip under your chin so that your helmet won’t be shifted any time.


It is very important to buy that skate only which has an enormous ankle support. You have to check that by squeezing the material, if moulds easily then it is not strong enough to protect your ankle. Before buying roller skates you have to make sure that it fulfils all of your needs while you are riding on the blades, it does not matter whether you are using it for racing, championship or casual events.


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