Importance of Timber Pest Inspection before Buying a Property

One out of three houses is attacked by termites and 80% Australian homes have a risk of termite. You should consult Building inspections Melbourne to check the house you are considering for purchase. They will check the building and advise you on the existence of termites or the risk that the building may be infested in future.

If the property you are planning to purchase has termite infestation or a potential risk for infestation, you should be aware of this fact so that you can take proper preventive action. Often termite infestation is not obvious. It may exist under floor boards or behind wooden fixtures. The Pest Control can ferret out such potential sites and you can have your home treated for pest infestation before you move in.

The building inspection Melbourne will tell you not only of termites or damage by termite exists but will also warn you about conditions conducive to termites infestation. These conditions include:

  • excessive moisture
  • leaking water pipes or plumbing
  • obstructed ventilation
  • timber stored over a long time
  • timber and other debris
  • potential sites for termite nesting
  • existing termite sites in over head storage or other wood work

The Pest Inspection Southern Tablelands  report will also include information about borer and decay. Borer damages the Baltic or colonial pine flooring so that the floor boards can collapse and you may have to incur the additional expense of having the flooring redone. A history of pest control activity on the property will also be included as a part of the report.

Building demolition is usually done when the commercial property is no longer secure to use. Furthermore, some demolition company offers asbestos removal.