Ideas to Bring Visitors to Your Exhibition Booth

Exhibition display and exhibition booths or stalls have become a popular marketing and promotional tool at trade shows and almost every company opens a booth at these trade fairs to create exposure.

Trade show booths can be utilised to generate orders, build and reconsolidate customer relationships or unveil new services and products. Following are some ways to build booth traffic and bring visitors to your exhibition booth.

Strategic Exhibition Display Organisation

Design your exhibition booth with the help of Web designers.  In such a manner, each service and product is categorised in a strategic way. You need to make new services and products stand out from the crowd, so they deserve a centre space display. You can utilise the rear walls of your exhibition display for showcasing specials, groups, package deals and classic products.

When you organise and categorise your services and products, it creates a good impression on visitors who find it easier to understand and grasp things. It is also helpful and time saving for the booth personnel to explain things while giving the visitors a tour of the booth.

Building Traffic Even Before the Show Starts

The best way to build traffic for your trade show booth is to inform existing and potential customers/clients about the upcoming trade show and your participation in it well in advance. Remember to remind them about the exact location of your booth as well.

Visitors will love to sign off a tiring few hours of walking the aisles and exploring booths with free food or beverages. You should ask visitors to drop their business cards inside a set up display.