Ideas on Incorporating Current Affairs Issues for Team Building Ventures

Team building activities are a good way to promote camaraderie among the employees and management, address their issues and the strengths and others. While today’s commercial world is largely competitive in a larger sense, team building activities can help employees think beyond individual objectives. This is important to develop the organisation on the whole too. Learn how you can make your next team building fun by incorporating current affairs issues too.

Use Current Affairs Situations at the workplace

Instead of having a separate team building activity by itself, you can even plan small ventures within the office while at work too. For instance, if a certain current situation like the strike or potential strike on Syria is a major topic, you can host a small debate during lunch to view everyone’s opinions and also to initiate integration in several ways.

Healthy discussions involving both politics and current affairs can also give insight into every individual’s behaviour, traits and preferences. Furthermore, these discussions are important for growth in certain ways but also relevant to team development ventures. Once employees interact, share views and bond, it doesn’t matter what platform you choose to do it with as long as it is done.

Simple group tests

Tests were never fun, even for those who were good students in school. However, you can always experiment with planning a game of tests of sorts and dividing the staff into little groups. Have each group give a test based on questions you format on world affairs. The winning team gets to plan and choose the next company outing as a result.