How To Unblock A Main Sewer Drain

If your house has more than one clogged toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub, then you may have a blocked sewer drain. A blocked sewer drain can cause a foul smelling mess if the drain is not unblocked. The reason that a blocked sewer drain needs to be cleared quickly is that the waste will back up in the pipes, and at some point there will be nowhere for the waste to go but back out the drains that are in your house.

There are two systems designed to deal with a blocked sewer drain. Mechanical drain cleaners which are also called drain snakes, or blocked sewer drain Brisbane augers. There are also sewer jetter attachments for a pressure washer that can be used.

Most times, a sewer jetter attachment will cost less, deal with the clog faster, and allow easier cleanup once the job is done. However, you can still use a drain snake to deal with the clog. Use the option that you know how to use or have on hand, as both methods work about the same for clearing a sewer drain.

Locate a Suitable Cleanout Opening

Many times, the best option is to use your main drain cleanout when you are trying to clear a clog in the main sewer drain. This is the drain that is normally located where power equipment can be set up nearby, and where cleanup is less of an issue. Most drain cleanout is outside of the front wall of your house. However, it can also be located in the basement, garage, or crawl space.

Set Up Your Drain Cleaning Equipment

When you are setting up your cleaning equipment, think about if it is safe or not. If you are going to use electric equipment, plug the equipment into a GFCI outlet to prevent electric shocks. Make sure that you are using the equipment in guideline with manufacturer instructions.

Clean up After the Job

If you are using a sewer jetter attachment, cleanup is easy. You will need to wash the attachment with the pressure washer using a gentle nozzle to clean off the residue. After you finish washing it, inspect the hose and fitting. Replace the hose or fitting if they are worn, or damaged. You can store it in your garage or shed.

If you are using a drain snake, clean the drain snake with the same method, if you have a reusable snake. If the drain snake is really dirty, you may want to throw the drain snake away.