How to Train your Staff To Be Prepared for a Trade Show or Exhibition

Trade fairs are the perfect platform for new product launches, interacting personally with existing customers, reaching out to new customers and creating the right impression on customers’ minds through giveaways; brochures; pamphlets, business cards, flyers, etc. In fact as an astute business owner, joining trade shows should be a priority with you if you want to maximize ROI on your advertisement spend.

Having the Right Attitude

Nobody wants to stay back or revisit a stall that is manned by bored staff or personnel who are more interested in gossiping amongst themselves. So while training your staff, instill in them the importance of being attentive and remaining at their designated positions instead of loitering around the exhibition area.

Having the Right Queries

One of the most important duties of people manning exhibition stalls is gathering customer data. Asking the right queries or starting the right conversation in order to stoke customer curiosity is therefore absolutely essential if you want to hold customer attention and solicit the right kind information from them. Your staff must be trained to make queries sound interesting and probing without being too aggressive. They should know that it is not enough to just hand out company cards or pose standard questions like ‘How can I help you’.

Having the Right Appearance

Appearance makes a huge impact to how visitors view your stall and your company. Staff joining trade fairs must arrive smartly dressed, be in a fresh mood and greet visitors with a smile. They should never leave personal belongings lying around the stall or crowd around a particular visitor (which can be quite intimidating).

One of the best way to display your products and services is through trade show display stands.