How To Start A Furniture Removalist Company

Getting into the furniture removalist business is not something that you just wake up to. Running a successful outfit takes a lot of hard work, dedication, proper organization, having the right team, having well maintained vehicles and equipment, having a good location, among other things.

• The qualifications required

The simple fact is that not everyone can become a qualified furniture removalist. According to the Australia furniture removers association (AFRA), all its members are required to train all their employees and additionally, only the members with well-maintained equipment and moving vehicles and that have all the required licensing are allowed to conduct a professional move.

There is actually a certificate in furniture removal that is offered by the Australian government once you complete the necessary training that usually involves, furniture handling, first aid, customer service, route planning, environmentally sustainable practices and basic workplace computations.

• The regulations

If you are serious about getting into the furniture removalist company, you need to be serious about getting acquainted with the regulations involved such as the occupational health and safety of your staff, the adherence to the set logistics safety codes, fatigue management especially for your drivers and other guidelines governing the logistics and transport industry.

You can get in touch with someone you know in the same industry or you can alternatively contact AFRA.

• Consider your competition

Be ready for a very tight race. There are many well established furniture removers in Australia who are going to be competing with, as such, you should try as much as possible to differentiate your service. The secret to success is to provide the clients with the best quality service for their money.

Observe all the government’s regulations and take note of your prices. Don’t go too high up or tool low down or you are going to miss out altogether. Be knowledgeable and diligent in your work and you should be fine.

• What are the tasks involved

As the owner and director, it is your responsibility to instruct your personnel on all the jobs for the day. At the work site which is usually the client’s home, you will need to speak with the customer on exactly what they want done. Ensure you have info on all the fragile goods that are going to require extra care so you don’t incur breakages.

Pack all the items to be moved securely and move them to your moving vehicle and secure them well and on reaching your destination, choreograph the offloading to ensure all goes well.

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