How to register business name in Australia

It is a must that business should be registered, this will give you right to claim any property rights of your business and to give confidence to your target customers or clients that you are recognized by the government of Australia. Australian business name registration is important to be completed before starting up a business.

Australian business name registration is not too hard of a task to complete. See below for the step by step process and see the ease of Australian business name registration.



• First you have to do is to go to ASIC Connect, log in to your account. If none, then registering is required.
• At the top of of the ASIC connect page, you can see options, select the Licences and Registrations tab
• From the dropdown box, select that you would like to register a business name
• It is MUST that you read the information first before ticking the boxes. Do not leave any lines unread as all information written on the page is highly important.
• Once reading is completed, click on GET STARTED
• Choose the relevant ABN, and you need to key in your ABN

Note: ABN should be entered without spaces

• After clicking next, you will then be transferred to a different page where you need to enter your proposed business name.
Note: It should be written exactly as you want it to appear on the registration. You have to consider that Business names are case sensitive.
• Now, you need to select the registration period
• You will then be asked to enter the proposed business name holder details. Information should be accurate. Review before you go to the next page, names can easily be misspelled, thus double check just to make sure.
• Input the address or addresses of the proposed business name.
• The next step will be confirming the eligibility to use the proposed business name.
• Do not forget to review the entire information inputted. Details, from hyphens, punctuations (if any), spelling etc. should be done in the most tedious manner.
• After reviewing, complete your declarations
• Next is making your payment

Note: If payment is not completed within 10 days, your application for your Australian business name registration will be cancelled, reapplying is required.

• After all information, payment and the like has been completed, you can then confirm the application.

Australian business name registration should be done with the highest accuracy, the process is just easy, thus can be completed anytime. The process of Australian business name registration has been done more convenient as it can be completed online.