How to Programme your Treadmill Workouts within an Hour?

Everyone may not enjoy outdoor exercise. Running in the heat or cold might be an uphill task for many. There are people who have to remain at home because of their kids. There are neighborhoods which are not safe. Running or walking around such places might prove to be risky. Treadmills are an easy option.

A Warm-Up Session

Devote at least five minutes for a brief warm up session. It can be initiated with a light walk. It will result in a gradual rise of the body temperature. The blood will slowly start flowing into your muscles. Allow yourself to increase the pace gradually.


Interval training is an important part of the process. Run fast for sometime.  Follow it up with a brief interval. After that, repeat the whole process again. 30 seconds of vigorous running must be followed by a light jogging of 60 seconds.

It is an established notion that people who are overweight will burn more calories. Thinner people will burn lesser calories. Completion of each set results in burning 100 calories. It is quite a happy ending to an arduous task.

The intervals will help to remove the monotony of a strict exercise routine. Torching calories will be fun.

A Cool Down Session

Try to invest the last few minutes for cooling down the body. This will help in lowering the heart rate. Prior to starting the exercise the body was acclimatized with a definite level of Oxygen. Help your body to adapt itself to the change. Start your cooling sessions with a brief jogging. It must be followed by a slow walk.  Never lose sight of the natural rhythms of the body.

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