How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Preventing a blocked pipe is as much a question of habit as it is of hygiene. Pouring waste grease down the drain is perhaps a very convenient way of getting rid of it, but it also an easy way to have a blocked drain pipe. There are some golden rules that you absolutely must follow:

Ensure that all the kitchen pipes and sinks have stoppers. This will catch any food particle that may have been thrown into the sink and may cause the drain to be blocked.

Never throw fat or cooking grease down the drain. They can clog up the drain pipe by congealing and accumulating around the inner surface of the pipe.

Check the material of your pipes

Old homes may have pipes made of galvanized iron or cast iron. This can corrode over time and cause blocked drains. If your home has pipes of this kind, it would be better to re-pipe the house with PVC pipes. Also, do remember that certain materials like oil and food particles are more liable to cause a blocked drain and it would be a wise step to have a regular maintenance through the help of Blocked drains Brisbane.

Do Not throw pumpkin scraps in the toilet

Like a lot of other people, you thought that flushing the gooey mess down the toilet would help and now you are stuck with a toilet that won’t work. It is the stuff of nightmares, and yet so many people make the same mistake again and again. Pumpkin mess and toilets are not compatible, and they should not be brought anywhere close to each other anytime!