How to Know if Contact Lens is not For You

Contact lenses are necessary to correct our vision. But there are some instances like a minor eye irritations are due to the contact lenses. That is why, a consultation to your doctor is necessary before using the contacts.

Dry Eyes

Contact lenses block off the oxygen supply of your eyes and protein deposits can form over your lens. This typically causes dry eyes and swollen eyeballs. Try leaning your contact lenses and wearing them again. If the problem doesn’t go away you might have to revert back to spectacles.

Blurred Vision

In case of overuse of contact lenses eye infections can occur which causes a sudden blurring of the vision. You may accidentally hurt your eyes during the process of handling your Air Optix contact lens and this may cause vitreous hemorrhage. This is essentially leakage of blood into your cornea and this causes blurred eyesight. Inflammation through bacterial infestation of the lenses is also another cause. Either ways if these problems are persistent then it’s a sign that your lens is not suiting you.

Watery eyes

Itchy and watery eyes are another sign that your contact lens pair is not suiting you. However you might have not followed the correct preventive measures in relation to contact lens care. Overuse of lens, allowing lenses to come in contact with perfume, make up etc can also cause eye problems and inflammations. Follow your ophthalmologist’ advice to the letter when it comes to lens care and handling.

Things you should do

You can try changing the type of contact lenses you wear to Air Optix contact lenses. You could also get your eye test done again and get a more recent prescription. Laser eye surgery is a good option if you want to rid your life of spectacles, hard and soft lens.