How to Improve Your Sleep?

Sleeping is an essential part of healthy human existence. A good night’s sleep refreshes the body and mind.  But very few people can claim to have a healthy sleep pattern. The symptoms of insomnia are widespread. The following are a few basic sleep hygiene rules which can establish a healthy sleep routine.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine

Doctors often advice to avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine! These create disturbance with the sleeping habits of an individual. Caffeine ( found in coffee ) increases the adrenalin production in the body.  The increase of melatonin makes it difficult for the body to break down caffeine easily.

Alcohol hinders sleep during the second half of the night. It makes a person diuretic. Severe withdrawal symptoms occur if the intake of alcohol is reduced suddenly. These symptoms deprive a person of a healthy sleep.

Nicotine does not allow a person to go off to sleep easily.

Mattresses and pillows

The mattresses and pillows used should be of good quality. There are certain types of mattresses which uses “memory foam”.  This provides relief from joint pains and irritation. The use of modern technology can make sleeping a beautiful experience.

Role of Food

The intake of dinner should be at least three to four hours before bed time. It is wise to have a light dinner.  It aids the process of digestion and promotes healthy sleep. Fluid intake should be such that no one feels thirsty while sleeping. Taking a few glasses of water before bedtime can force one to make frequent visits to the toilet at night.

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