How to Hire Skip Bins?

If you are planning on a renovation project yourself or simply thinking to get rid of the waste collected in your garage, you definitely need to go for a skip bin hire. The large waste collected from your recent renovation project can be easily dumped into a skip bin and transported. The advantage of a skip bin is that it comes in various sizes and options. This makes is suitable for any application. For example you are planning a simple cleanup, where you don’t expect tones of waste disposal you can easily book a 2m3 skip bin. However if you are planning on a bigger project then you can easily book a 10m3 skip bin. You can basically book any skip bin of any size starting from small to medium to large. However since you have to give the specification of your skip size prior your delivery it is best that have a good enough approximate of your need. The skip bins also have a regulation against the amount of load it can support and there is a threshold mark at the top of the bin and it is advised not to fill above that threshold mark. It is usually used as a precautionary measure to avoid spillage while the load is transported by the truck. The skip bin hire is also particular about the type of waste being put into the skip bin. It becomes an important determinant of their billing system and therefore you have to be careful with regards to the waste disposal.

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How to book a skip bin?

If you are planning on a skip bin hire it is important to make the appointment of the delivery at least a day before to avoid any inconvenience for their heavy traffic demand. Usually during the hire you have to inform them about the skip bin size and the type of material being disposed at the skip bin. You also have to mention about the duration of your hire but however you can extend the deadline of your time by informing them over phone for which extra charges are applicable.


However for a skip bin hire you need to be aware that there are state regulations against placing skip bin on the roadway. If you are opting for a large size skip bin then make sure you have proper permit for the placement of the bin on the footpath. Also you can contact your hiring company to learn about whether they have state permit to avoid any legal complications.