How to Customize and Design Your Master Bedroom Connected Bathroom

A modern bathroom is a compulsory addition to your master bedroom if you want your home to exude extravagance and exclusiveness. In fact, discerning and affluent homeowners have always insisted on having a master bathroom with luxurious fittings long before they insisted on modular kitchens and designer living rooms. A master bathroom with top-class bathroom vanities, bathtub and shower cubicles will change the entire ambience of your bedroom and help to create your own special retreat.

Select an Appropriate Colour Scheme

You can further enhance the connectivity between your master bedroom and bathroom by selecting a colour scheme that will allow individual sections to complement each other harmoniously. Softer shades of blue, green, yellow or pink create a relaxing atmosphere while bolder tones like brown, deep blue or jade green create a warm; vibrant effect. You can opt to paint the bathroom walls one shade lighter than the shade used on bedroom wall to create an effect of cohesiveness. Or you can opt for contrasting shades to create a dramatic effect like opting for dark wooden hues in the bedroom that is contrasted by pristine white in the bathroom.

Install Appropriate Accoutrements

Customization must include installing the right kind of gadgets and other articles in your master bathroom that will enhance its functionality and ease of use. Here too, you can either go for a harmonious blend that will create a look of space or you can go for contrast to create drama. Select bathroom vanities, shower panels, blinds etc in deep tones while the bathroom walls flaunt a lighter shade that will create an illusion of space.