How to Correct Your Posture to Reduce Neck Pain?

Physiotherapists recommend the following few measures for correcting the posture.

Most people have a tendency to stick their faces forward while working at the computer. This gives you chicken neck and neck pain. Instead, tuck in your chin at all times and keep your ears parallel with your collarbone. This will prevent neck pain.

When you are sitting and working for extended hours, stretch your hands upwards towards the ceiling and then lean back over your work chair. If you have to constantly receive phone calls on your office phone, then also you should perform this exercise before reaching out for the receiver. Perform this exercise at least five times an hour to minimise neck pain and reset your posture.

Apart from the help of physiotherapists Sydney, you can take the help of exercise to strengthen the front and back portion of your body. A balanced weights program will help you in this regard.

Slouching is one of the main reasons why you have neck and back pain. Always sit straight on your chair.

You also have to think tall. Lift up your chest and head and look straight ahead. This will automatically improve anyone’s posture and confidence, including yours.

Advantages of Having a Good Posture

If you rectify your poor posture and hold yourself upright, you also automatically place your joints and muscles in the right position. This allows your joints and muscles to work optimally. You can also function with optimum efficiency. Having a good posture increases your confidence, self-esteem and attractiveness while making you more outgoing.