How to Check if Your Lenses are Severely Damaged

Contact lenses aids our eyes to see clearly. However, contact lenses have expiry dates which you should carefully check. Following are some of the ways on how you can check if the contact lenses are severely damaged.


A major sign that your contacts are damaged is the dryness you experience when you wear them. You start blinking constantly in order to moisten the lenses. It is then understood that your contact lenses are damaged and no longer of any use. It is time to dispose them and buy a new pair. Dryness of your contacts results from inflamed or dried-out eyes. This is usually associated with dry-eye syndrome. Protein build-up is caused by tears and other oils that get attached to microscopic groves of your lenses. So when you experience dryness, it is time to change your lenses.


Your eyes will warn you about damaged lenses. You just have to understand the signs well. When you start feeling that your contacts are always gritty because of dirt and grime even though it is not the case, it is a clear sign that the lenses are severely damaged. Also, they start looking blur and a tad foggy always. Should you continue wearing them, protein and calcium build-up will result in infections or corneal ulcers.

Cloudiness of lens is also the result of deterioration of contact lenses. This is mainly caused by scratching, wearing your lens for a longer duration than what it is actually designed for or using corrosive chemicals to clean them. It is very important that you use the preferred saline solution to wash your lenses. Harsh chemicals not only damage your lenses but also damage your eyes. During such cases, it is always safe to change your contact lenses. Also make sure you buy contacts at a reputed contact lens store.