How to Buy Wholesale Paper Supplies

A little planning can make it easier for you to buy office papers in bulk and take advantage of wholesale rates. Always compile a list of articles such as letterheads, envelopes, continuous sheets, white paper for printing etc that you need most frequently and which have to be replaced often. Track their use on a monthly basis to arrive at a quantity that you are likely to consume within the coming six months. Check this list while placing orders so as to avoid unnecessary purchase and keep your store streamlined.

Compare prices at multiple online retailers in order to locate a retailer that offers the best rates. Compare the unit cost of each stationery item vis-à-vis the wholesale cost and calculate the amount of money you will save by ordering bulk. Avoid buying wholesale in case the price difference is not much…you will end up paying more when you buy in bulk in such cases.

Use corporate discount facilities and plan a tie-up with a few reliable wholesale paper supplies in your area. If you plan to give them substantial business throughout the year, they may agree to further corporate discounts. Or else, if you have just started new or you run a really small enterprise; you can tie up with other similar business owners; buy similar items in bulk and share the quantity.

Buy in Bulk

It’s prudent to buy in bulk if you have adequate storage space at home. Children will damage or misplace stationery items almost every week so buying in bulk can save you the harassment of buying regularly apart from the savings on price. If required, you can team up with other parents and share the purchased stationery and the savings.