How to Become a Marriage Celebrant

For couples who wish to have a civil marriage without having to do it in the confines of the judge’s office, they can opt for marriage celebrants. Marriage celebrants are individuals authorized by the government to perform and preside over weddings for couples who chose to be wed under non-religious ceremonies. Specific steps and requirements are needed to be followed in order for a person to become an authorized marriage celebrant. Here are three steps generally taken in order to acquire a marriage celebrant license. This quick guide will help guide aspiring marriage celebrants get their authorization to perform weddings for marrying clients.



The first thing aspiring marriage celebrants should do is to know as much as they can about what a marriage celebrant does and how a license can be acquired. Marriage celebrants follow laws and constitutions made by their government depending on which country they are in. In the case of Australia and New Zealand for instance, their respective marriage laws are followed and obeyed both by the marrying couple and the marriage celebrants. Interested marriage celebrants should also try visiting the local government office to ask further questions regarding in this issues and what documents to file to ensure that their goal can be easily attained.

Applying for a license

After the interested party has read and research enough to know what the responsibilities of a marriage celebrant are, he or she can then proceed to the filing of the necessary documents. When a person wishes to become a marriage celebrant, there are certain fees and other charges he or she must shoulder in order to pay for the necessary documentation process as well as for the application. Applications can be done either by visiting the local government or by applying online via the government’s website.

Getting authorized

After the local government has reviewed and evaluated the aspiring marriage celebrant’s application, he or she is then asked to appear in the department to receive his or her license. It is up to the discretion of the government officials who work under with this case to either accept or reject the application. The decision of whether the application should be approved or rejected is strictly placed under the observation of the law made in relation with marriage celebrants to make sure that there will not be any problems with assigning the applicant with a license to marry people.