How does Whey Protein Help in Muscle Building?

Muscle building depends 80 percent on the kinds of food you eat (or don’t) and exercise counts for only 20 percent of the effort. Consuming a quickly absorbed protein rich meal (20 to 25 g) right after a high intensity workout can optimally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and help in building muscles.

Both raw bovine milk and protein whey powders can meet your demands for increased protein. But whey is superior to milk as it contains superior quality leucine rich proteins and amino acids that maximise MPS, encourage thyroid function, prevent testosterone decline and activate mTORC-1 or cellular mechanisms that enhance muscle mass.

Whey protein belongs to the class of the best quality bioavailable protein. If you consume protein whey or whey protein powder in the form of nutritional fruity shakes approximately half an hour before workout, it will boost muscle building and torch your fat, both at accelerated levels.

You only have a two hour window after completing your workout for your body to utilise fully the whey protein you just ingested. Whatever muscle growth and repair will take place, happen in these two hours after a workout. That is why, you need a protein meal that gets digested fast and starts working within these vital two hours.

Whey protein is ideal for body builders and those who perform high intensity training because it can assimilate very fast and reaches your muscles in ten to 15 minutes after being gulped down. The same is true with the creatine powders – also a protein supplement, which is known to be a muscle energizer.

The protein content in whey concentration could more than 90%. Whey concentrate enables rapid digestion and provides instant energy to the body. It is not the best option for those who are sensitive to lactose. However, it is the cheapest form of protein powder available in the market.

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