How Do You Claim for Compensation?

You will first need to prove that the dog-attack was not provoked by any of your actions, or any of the actions of your loved ones. You would also need to prove in court that the dog-owner was negligent in his control of the dog. Leaving gates open, or having a low fence that the dog can easily jump over, are examples of the owner’s negligence. If the owner is found to be unable to control a dog which is declared ‘dangerous’ by the council, then the punishment for this can lead to him being imprisoned as well.

You will also need to prove in court that any injuries you suffered was as a direct result of the dog’s attack. Even if the dog does not make any contact with you, but rushes at you or any other animal causing you to fall off your bicycle, or injure yourself in any other way, then it can be used as possible grounds for filing a claim.

Claiming Military Compensations

It is important to seek the help of professional military compensation lawyers. These lawyers will have the right information and a better understanding of the legal procedure that is to be followed for any claim or compensation.

Furthermore, based on the nature of the claim, a professional lawyer will also be in a better position to counsel you on how to make your claim and more importantly whether it is advisable to make one or not.