How can you Optimize use of your Solar Power system

You have installed a solar panel at your home or office with substantial investment in the hope of generating your own electricity at affordable cost. Naturally, you need your solar power systems to function at their optimum capacity throughout the year irrespective of the seasons. There are certain situations because of which the output from your solar panels can be severely hampered. Knowing how to tackle such problems can help you in reducing wastage and harnessing maximum solar power through your panels.

Shading on Solar Panels

Solar panels are extremely sensitive to any kind of shading. There are several models that cannot endure even the tiniest of shading; for example for a naked branch or a speck of dust. Shading is categorized as hard shading or soft shading. Soft shading is caused when a distant object throws a diffused shadow on your panels. Hard shading is caused by objects which are in direct contact with the panels. Both soft and hard shading over a particular panel can severely reduce the output of the entire system by almost fifty percent as all the panels are interconnected. To keep your panels from being shaded, always mount your panels on rooftops and higher areas that are relatively free from encumbrances.

Some manufacturers depend on bypass diodes to regulate the flow of current in one direction and thereby reduce the negative effects of shading. You can also use optimizers that allow each solar panel to work independently of the other. This way the other panels will not be affected if a particular panel is covered by shade. Using micro inverters is another viable option. Such inverters are inserted in individual panels thereby allowing each panel to work independently of the others.

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