Hot Water Is a Luxury Many Would Battle Without

Hot water is something none of us want to live without and nobody should have to. Unfortunately in some instances, hot water systems are not available. Hot water allows us the ability to take that hot shower after a long day or to relax in a bath when we need to unwind. Hot water is something that most of us have at the mere turn of a tap.

The traditional means of supplying hot water systems is the storage tank hot water system. This system is old but has worked for years and years.


This kind of system requires your home to have a tank in which water is stored. In many instances the tank is erected outside your home. The hot water systems in this instance, heat the entire tank to a certain temperature before it switches off. When you turn the tap, hot water flows freely from the tap until the hot water in the tank runs out. When the water becomes tepid, the heater will again switch on and reheat the entire tank.

The downfall to these hot water systems is that the supply of hot water is not continuous and when the tank runs out of hot water, you are doomed to a cold shower until of course the tank has time to reheat again.

Storage tank hot water systems are more costly when it comes to paying for power. The amount of power used to heat the full tank each time is huge and a waste. If the water is not used quickly enough, the water becomes cold and needs to be reheated again. This is really not a great option when trying to reduce costs.

Storage tanks are often made from metal materials which, when exposed to water all the time, do corrode. These tiny pieces of corroded metal come off the inside of the tanks and are fed to you through the water you take from the tap. The water is therefore not as clean and fresh as we would hope. Why you need to hire the professionals to install this? Find out here.

Storage tank systems have a lifespan of about 10 years. When considering the amount you spend on one such tank, you would expect it last a little longer. Maintenance also needs to be carried out on these tank systems as normal wear, tear and corrosion play a huge role in the deterioration of the tanks.

Besides all the functional factors, a huge big tank on the side of your home is not all that aesthetically pleasing but is definitely necessary in instances where the storage tank hot water system in used.

Hot water is something you don’t want to live without but, every time you turn the tap, think of how it will affect your power bill if you use the storage tank system. Be conscientious and aware that others may want a hot shower as well and bare this in mind when spending those extra five minutes under the toasty warm tap.