High End Brands

Eradication of global poverty, a much discussed concern among the who’s who. But, to end it, you really have to sell that golden heart of yours. The And yet the age old adage eventually comes true the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. A can of water a day for the underprivileged and an out of the world bathtub for the blessed. Luxury brands have used every trick in the book to make sure people experience heaven on earth. From delicately crafting a piece for two years, to giving out promotional merchandise to holding events and exhibition of their world class products. Its just the standard that’s so high, that one could not help but wonder if a person really has something left in his account.

Well, you can say that they earn so they pay, to each its own. Say, what about the one who get lured into buying these. The ordinary Tom can’t afford it, yet they would go through hell to own it. They don’t mind eating instant food every day, living in a matchbox, but they do mind not getting the latest version of an electronic item. Cosmetic brands on the other side, give out promotional merchandise, which the women crowd is so ecstatic to own. One would not believe the cost of high end cosmetics, one could rent a house.

Now, moving on to the brands itself. Why are high-end brands targeting the simple minded average Joe, they could have all the fun they want from their loyal clients who are willing to shell out a generous amount of all their fancy products. Why go the extra way, provide promotional merchandise, go down to the basic level to attract other species. A piece or two as a memento is fine, to maybe gain some momentary satisfaction or say, fulfil a lifelong wish. More than that is absurd and insane.

The answer to their efforts is to earn fame. There is no such genuine concern about trying to make people experience the rich world. Yeah, maybe it’s really true in some cases. But, be realistic who can actually afford that. Yet, one sees a raging trend. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s just the instant gratification one gets by following the trend. Some check in life would be great. And some role models for inspiration would be great too. But, it’s too much to ask from this society.

What made me write a rambling article like this was actually a local newspaper heading stating that the noted billionaires in the world were in the possession of money in their lifetime, which could have been used to eradicate global poverty thrice. Fine, it’s their money, no one is accountable for their charity, but common folk out there, should keep this in mind. A healthy mind accounts for a healthy generation. We would not want them to grow more heartless and insensitive to a burning issue. If one could save something, let it be their love and sincerity.