Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

If you are looking to revamp your house, then you should try changing the flooring of the house. Stains, cracks, loosening of the tiles and change in the colour of the flooring are all signs that it needs to be replaced.

If you are interested in wooden floors, then hardwood floors is a good option. This type of wooden flooring does not only gives elegance to the house but also makes it warm and appealing.

In addition, when you are looking to sell a house, wooden floors are factors to be considered while increasing the resale value.

However, while buying hardwood floors for your house, you should keep certain things in mind.


If you are installing hardwood floors, then you can do it at any level of the house. You can also increase the thickness the hardwood flooring to mitigate the content of moisture. Why the bamboo floors in Brisbane are gaining popularity? Find out why.

It is necessary to keep in the moisture level while hardwood flooring installation as it can create warping and gapping problems. In addition, you have to choose the hardwood construction depending on the moisture levels. It is advisable to install a moisture barrier to keep the levels in control.


You have the option from oak, maple, cherry, bamboo and cork trees to choose the hardwood flooring. It will be costly depending on the quality of wood and the hardness.

These trees have the best natural colour which is good for wooden floors. However, you also have different shades to choose from, if you are looking for something exotic.

Wooden floors are also available in smooth, hard-scrapped and wire brushed textures.

Bathroom renovation is important especially if you have old tiles.

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