Guides in Choosing Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets need to be cleaned by professionals at least once a year to remove the deep-seated dirt and dusts that can cause allergies and other physical illnesses. Daily vacuuming cannot remove all these, so you need to look for carpet cleaning services.

Trained personnel

One of the things to look for is whether the personnel have undergone a training program in the proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets. Carpet cleaning services must only hire personnel who also know how to install, repair, and restore a carpet.

Cleaning method

This is the very important aspect that you need to ask from carpet cleaning services. There are basically five aspects in carpet cleaning and you need to know if all those aspects are included in their services.

  • Soil removal- dried soils that are deeply embedded on the carpet cannot be removed by a household vacuum. A strong industrial vacuum is what is needed to go deep down the carpet fibers.
  • Soil suspension- inquire from the carpet cleaning services if they do soil suspension where they apply chemicals onto the carpet. Then after the application, a heat is used in order for the chemicals to react and loosen the deep seated dirt, then, the carpet needs to be agitated so the chemicals can go further deep down the carpet fibers.
  • Soil extraction- this is the application of heat or steam in order for the dirt to loosen up.
  • Grooming- inquire also from the carpet cleaning services if they groom the carpet to make it look new. They remove matting and cut the threads from the borders of the carpet.
  • Drying method- ask them as to the kind of drying method they use. Ideally, carpets should be dry within 24 hours after cleaning, lest it would emit a smell that is not very pleasant. Do they use air movers to speed up the drying process?


Inquire about their pricing and if other miscellaneous services are included in the pricing, such as application of treatments for dog and cat stains and the chemical application for protecting the carpet. As much as possible, everything must b in black and white so issues are resolved prior to beginning the cleaning process.

Do inquire also about the type of detergents and chemicals that they use. Choose Carpet cleaning Brisbane that only makes use of environment friendly materials. Keep your home clean and free from dirt and dust that cause health issues. Hire professional cleaners and start breathing fresher and cleaner air.