Guest Bathroom – How Should You Do It?

Mirrors have this effect of reflecting light and cheering up even the smallest of spaces. They create a feeling of open space, and shiny clean mirrors make the bathrooms look clean and inviting. You can have a whole wall devoted to mirrors, or have a huge plate glass mirror near the sink and countertop instead of the de rigueur mirror on top of the sink.

A few simple fixes here and there and you can make a lot of change in the bathroom and make it look more inviting.

Have a storage cupboard with amenities

It is okay to expect that your guest will travel with their own supplies, but at the same time offering a few amenities like clean towels, bath salts for the bathtub, new bar of soap and such. If you do not have a cabinet, make up a hamper with some pretty toiletries and ensure that everything is new. The towels, bathrobes and other linen should be freshly laundered.

Go easy on the scents

The deodorizer that you prefer may not smell just as sweet to your guests. So avoid using any heavy scents. Instead if you can, offer a choice of scents and sprays to your guest so that they can use the one that they prefer.

Check the bathroom fixtures

With all the luxury in place, the last thing you need is a leaky tap to ruin it all. Make sure to double check your bathroom fixtures and if anything needs repair, do it now instead of leaving it for later. Check out the bathroom sinks if it need replacement.