Glass Shower Screens Caring Tips

Nowadays they sell eco-friendly limescale removing solutions in the markets. Get one of these, spray it and forget all about the rubbing and scrubbing. This also leaves the glass screen sparkling, without any residue.

Multi Surface Cleaner

Or you may use any multi surface cleaning solution or glass window cleaner or bathroom surface cleaner to wipe the soap scums and water stains off from the shower screen door. Remember to use a clean, synthetic sponge. This will require some scrubbing.

Fabric Softener Sheet

There is another secret weapon you can use to keep your glass shower screens as good as new. A fabric softener sheet, meant actually for your dryer, can help lift the mineral build up that makes your shower screens so cloudy. There are ingredients in a fabric softener sheet that can remove or soften mineral deposits, water stains and soap scum build up effectively.

First, you have to scrub the shower screen with a soft brush for loosening the deposits. Then you have to wipe down the door with this fabric softener sheet.

Soap Scum Remover

There are times when turpentine, automotive tar remover, 3M scrubbers, sponges, foam and scrubbing bubbles cannot remove the films and spots from your glass screen. This is when you need a soap scum remover, a cleaning solution made exclusively for bathrooms. They have a foaming action and are available in select supermarkets.

There is no need to dilute these concentrated solutions. Just spray them on and leave overnight. The stains and soap scum will have vanished by the morning. You can wipe down with a clean sponge and rinse as well.

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