Garden Wedding Tips and Ideas

A garden wedding provides a fantasy setting for lovebirds who want to celebrate their special day in pomp and style. Create a beautiful outdoor wedding and an amazing experience for your guests with a little advice from professional wedding planner.

Make guests comfortable

On the day of your garden wedding, you want your guests to be happy. Take measures for their comfort by noting the weather conditions, seating arrangements and refreshments. If the weather is hot and sunny, provide your guests with shade by setting up a canopy or distributing cold water. Hand out hand-held fans so guests can cool down, or rent large electric ones. For cold weather, advice guests to wear extra layers via a Xeroxed insert in the invitation. You can have lap blankets or portable heaters to give out.

The ceremony should be audible

In the outdoors, you should be wary of outdoor noises that could overcome your ceremony; consequently your guests can’t hear the ceremony due to the rushing wind, loud voices from a nearby park and others. You want all your guests to have a good time and be a part of your wedding, so rent a good sound system.


Cost is definitely a huge factor in choosing a venue for your wedding reception. Catering and decoration along with evening dresses can hike up the bill. Do not go overboard and spend a lot on one venue and at the same time do not hold yourself back if you find that perfect hall. After all, you marry a person very rarely in your life.

It so happens that you will eventually grow an emotional attachment with your wedding venue. So it’s best you choose a venue wisely, patiently and after looking at all the options available. Look out for packages that combine the decorations, catering and a master of ceremonies.

Hire a wedding photographer to capture every moment of this special day of yours. Check some of them online.