Forms of Carpet Cleaning

There are different forms of carpet cleaning but the question boils down as to which form is needed for the current state of your carpet. To find out which form is suited, a thorough inspection must be done by the carpet cleaner and he will look for the problems of the carpet and the level of dirt severity of the carpet. Whatever form is recommended by the carpet cleaning agency, the most important thing to be done is the vacuuming. It is estimated that about 79% of all carpet dirt can be removed by the use of industrial vacuum cleaner. However, not all carpet cleaning agencies take the importance of vacuuming seriously. Some may skip the vacuuming part and proceed directly to the application of cleaning solutions. By giving emphasis on healthy cleaning, it is important that the dry soil be removed by using an industrial vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air) which is capable of removing all dirt, dust, and other allergens.

Dry cleaning method

This is one of the forms of carpet cleaning and it utilizes powder as cleaning agents. The first one is through the use of absorbent powder. This form uses an absorbent medium either sponge or powder which is filled with water and little soap and solvent so it can absorb the loosened dirt from the carpet which will be sucked out through the use of a vacuum cleaner. A double brush machine is used so the sponge or the carpet can penetrate the deep layers of the carpet.

Then there is the dry foam shampoo carpet cleaning method. A special equipment is used which has foam generator that turns the shampoo into a foam before it is applied to the carpet. It is called dry because the foam is 10% liquid and 90% air.

The advantage of dry carpet cleaning method is the fast drying of the carpet which prevents it from smelling if not properly dried.

Steam cleaning method

The process begins by adding a hot cleaning solution into the deep layers of the carpet through the use of a machine. Then the method of extraction begins once the hot water solution has been properly spread out.  This is the most effective form of carpet cleaning as it can thoroughly remove all dirt and kill all the eggs of mites that have been dwelling on the carpet. the only disadvantage is it takes longer to get dried.

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