Floor Sanding Supplies

Along with the sanders, you also need to buy dust bags and abrasive paper that is used in the sanders. Extra dust bags and extra abrasive paper is a must as you do not find these in every store. Also, huge plastic sheets that can be used to separate the area where the sanding is being done from the rest of the house are an important buy.

Other important tools and equipments

Other important tools and equipments that you will need during sanding are:

  • A hammer and a nail set with nails – this is to remove protruding nails from the floor and also to nail down wood panels that may be coming out
  • Extra power cords – to make sure you sander can go the entire distance
  • Floor sanding abrasives such as sander sheets and edger sheets – these go with the sander instruments
  • A floor polisher and polish applicator and brush – for the final finishing
  • An industry strength wet/dry vacuum cleaner to pick up after yourself
  • A floor finish for the last touch
  • A block sander to do the edges and fix the problem spots. You can even use an electic sander for this
  • Tack clothes for oil finish
  • Scraper for doing the edges and removing dirt and other debris
  • A dustpan and broom to sweep and clean the room after the sanding

Safety equipment required

You need some safety gear while doing the floor sanding. Since wood debris and pieces fine wood dust will be in the air, you need a dust mask, safety glasses, and ear plugs for added protection.

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