Upgrade the Look of your Home with Floating Timber Flooring

If you want a quick new look for your home, install floating timber flooring and your home will look brand new. It has the sophistication of a timber and the innovative way of installation makes it ideal for those who have no time to wait before they can use their new floors. It is equipped with tongue and groove and installation does not require the services of professionals. The moment you finish installing the floating timber flooring on your home, you can use it immediately. There is no need to wait for 24 hours before you can step on your brand new flooring.


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If you wonder if it is strong enough, there are two backing systems for the timber surface making it strong and durable. Not only has it been tested for strength and durability but it is environment- friendly, too. Unlike solid floors, floating timber flooring is made with 75% less face timber. Contact the Floating Timber Flooring Sydney if interested.

It can be placed on top of any existing floor surface, including concrete, tiles, or wood. The process of installation involves placing the floating timber flooring on top of the existing floor and making use of the clips to make it adhere on the existing flooring of your home. Some make use of adhesive glues instead of clips. Once you are done placing all the floating timber flooring, you can use it immediately.


Maintaining this kind of flooring has never been easy. It is actually a lot cheaper because you only need to replace the damaged portion of the floor. All it takes is to remove the damaged area and replace it with a new one. The floating timber flooring is made with gaps in between to make room for expansion and to remove any damaged portion. Regular usage will make it more flexible.

Cleaning it is very simple. Sweep your floor on a regular basis or you can use a vacuum cleaner with soft bristle head. You can also apply some cleaning agents that are made for timber on the floating flooring. When mopping it, just be sure to wring the floor mop very well to prevent too much water from getting into the floating flooring.

It is also a good idea to remove your shoes when entering your new home to further maintain the lifespan of your floating timber flooring. Though it is durable, but by practicing all the measures to keep it shiny and look brand new is advisable.

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